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What you need to know about metal commercial roofing in Westchester County and Fairfield County

Copper Roof in Westchester and Fairfield County

Copper roofing is an ideal choice for metal commercial roofing in Westchester County and Fairfield County. A copper roof provides an economical, long-term roofing solution when properly designed and installed. There are many attributes that make copper the superior metal roofing material that is it:

  • corrosion resistance
  • durability
  • long life
  • low maintenance
  • radio frequency shielding
  • lightning protection
  • sustainability

Copper’s resistance to the elements ranks among the highest of modern roofing materials, it’s durability cannot be matched by any other metal roof, and this combination of attributes means that a copper roof can easily last a hundred years. Copper offers warmth and character to any style of building, from modern to traditional. It’s beauty comes with the added bonus of requiring absolutely no painting or finishing, and being a low maintenance roofing solution. In fact, the longer your copper roof is in the elements the more the warm bronze tones lead to the elegant green patina finish.
Copper’s inherent malleability makes it an easy material to form over irregular roof structures. Curves, domes, and other intricate roofing features are easily handled by copper. These features are made even more awe inspiring with the warmth of coppers glow.

The sustainability of copper is unmatched by any other roofing material simply because of its salvage value. A copper roof can be taken down and recycled again and again. It is also a very lightweight metal, making it a good choice for metal commercial roofing in Westchester County and Fairfield County because it will put less stress on your roofs structure.

Standing Seam Roof in Westchester and Fairfield County

The most common type of metal roofing is standing metal seam. This is roofing hat is made up of continuous metal panels that run from the ridge of the roof all the way down to the eaves. Between these panels are the seams that connect panel to panel. Fasteners that are raised above the level of the metal roofing are used to fasten them together. They can be made of a variety of metals. Below is a short list of metals that may be used for your standing metal seam roof:

  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Terne (zinc-tin alloy)
  • Stainless steel

Standing metal seam roofs are a superb choice for metal commercial roofing in Westchester County and Fairfield County for many reasons.They are a very durable roofing solution, they will not rot, split, crack, dry-out, chip, warp, or leak, unlike all other common roofing materials can do. They are not susceptible to infestations, and can withstand impacts from falling objects like hail, sticks etc. They are highly weather resistant partially due to their durability, but also because they have far fewer seams than other types of roofing material. The weakest point in any roof tends to be it’s seams, and the fact that what seams standing metal seam roofs do have are raised above the level of the roof they are therefore above the level of any water that hits the roof.

Metal roofing is also an energy saver. They can easily help you save as much as 25% of your annual home energy bill, and as much as 40% in home cooling costs during the summer. They have a cool reflective surface that reflects solar heat away from the home rather than absorbing it. They are eco-friendly as well. They contain no petroleum by-products, use less resources to manufacture and install, and can be recycled again and again.

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