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L&M Roofing will protect your business with the best commercial roofing in Brooklyn

When you own a business, you put your heart and soul into every part of it. There comes a time when you are either building at a new site or renovating an old one, and you need a roof. When looking for commercial roofing in Brooklyn, you and 2 million other residents want the best.

Brooklyn is one of the largest of the five boroughs and has a lot of choices for roofing, but there is one that rises above the rest. L&M Roofing is one of the premier companies for commercial roofing in Brooklyn. From their humble beginnings in 1970, Michael Neito and Co. started small with residential roofs. As business continued to grow, they expanded to commercial roofing, masonry, and all exterior building restoration. Keeping the business in the family, son Marc Neito evolved the corporation into one of the most trusted exterior building contractors in the area. From employing a simple crew of roofing mechanics, 46 years later we have added estimators, engineers, architects, project supervisors, construction managers, and a sales team to its family. L&M Roofing can offer you and your business a one stop for all you need.

Types of commercial roofing in Brooklyn

L&M Roofing handles four major commercial roofing in Brooklyn. Each is very different from the next and our associates can help you choose which roof works best for your building.

Single Ply

There are three different types of single ply for your commercial roofing in Brooklyn.

  1. EPDM Roof: EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber roofing material. The main ingredients, ethylene and propylene, cause the roof to be very resistant to wet weather, ultraviolet rays, the ozone, and any abrasion that might occur from weather or human interaction. It’s a material that is great for any climate since it will not become brittle from low temperatures, will resist moisture, and can withstand up to 50 years of sun and hail.
  2. TPO Roof: Thermoplastic olefin is another synthetic compound that, when fused together, has the strongest roofing seams of any single ply roof. TPO is also excellent at reflecting around 87% of the sun’s UV rays which keeps your building cool by keeping the heat out. You also have the option of choosing a wide variety of colors for your new roof. Your roof will still be just as energy efficient no matter what color you choose.
  3. PVC Roof: PVC is a polyvinyl chloride that will save you money in maintenance, energy costs, and longevity. Seams are created with heat-welding which is safer to install than chemicals and torches. The white PVC roof is reflective enough to save you 40% year in energy related costs and it is resistant to fire.

Built Up and Modified Roofs

A built up and modified roof is a very common type of commercial roofing in Brooklyn. It consists of a roof deck, a vapor retarder, insulation, a membrane, and surfacing material. The membrane is composed of multiple layers of bitumen and ply sheets. Bitumen is an asphalt adhesive that makes the multiple layers water proof and can be modified to make two different types of roofing systems.

  1. APP Roofing Systems: Atactic Polpropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is added to the bitumen to increase UV resistance and it improves your roof’s performance in hot or cold weather. This roofing system can be applied by using propane torches to heat up the bitumen, creating a molten adhesive that is applied to roof and then pressed down to allow it to stick to the roofing ply sheets.
  2. SBS Roofing Systems: Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene is added to the bitumen to give the mixture a resistance to age and weathering. Like APP, SBS roofing is also applied with heat and a mopping technique. First, a thin layer is applied to the roof evenly, then a layer of roofing felt. The felt is then embedded into the bitumen by pulling a mop or squeegee over it. Another way SBS is different than APP is that it needs an additional ultraviolet protective coating applied separately, as it is not inherently UV resistant.

Green and Garden Roofs

A green and garden commercial roof in Brooklyn can have multiple purposes. It lasts almost 3-4 times longer than a typical roof and looks great while doing so. It can reduce your heating and cooling costs and protect your roof from UV rays. If you are considering this type of roof, have an L&M Roofing expert inspect your building to find out the pitch and dead load capacity. Then we recommend fluid applied waterproofing which eliminates lateral water migration and is great for protecting your roof from the water your garden roof will need. You have two choices for starting your green roof.

  1. Start from scratch: After the waterproofing layer is applied to your existing roof, you can choose to either plant a meadow or a garden area for your employees. The green roof will absorb precipitation and reduce the water that would otherwise be diverted to drainage, thus reducing pollution entering local waterways.
  2. If you can’t wait for your green roof to grow, pre-planted modular trays can be directly placed on the waterproof layer and still give you the protection from UV rays and insulate your building.

Metal commercial roofing in Brooklyn

Metal roofs are very durable and are resistant to insects, falling objects, and are eco-friendly. They reflect solar heat away from your structure and can be recycled over and over again. There are two types of metal roofs L&M Roofing will install.

A copper roof is low maintenance and gets better with age as its warm bronze turns a soft green finish through oxidation. Copper is easy to form over irregular roof structures and is very light weight which puts less stress on your commercial roof.

Another type of metal commercial roofing in Brooklyn is standing metal seam. This type of roofing is a continuous metal roof that starts from the ridge, ending at the eaves. The seams of the panels connect together with raised fasteners which prevent leaks from entering your structure. Common metal roofing materials include galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and stainless steel.

L&M Roofing not only installs new commercial roofing in Brooklyn, but they will repair your old one. The weather in Brooklyn can cause shingles and shakes to fly off, or cause blisters or cracked areas that just need a little emergency touch up. We come out and fix your roof and leave you with peace of mind. Call us at (914) 937-1030 to schedule a consultation or fill out the form below to get started.

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