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One Fairfield CT. Roofing Contractor For The Many Styles Of Fairfield Neighborhoods

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Fairfield, CT. is home to many diverse styles of homes, businesses and neighborhoods. L&M Roofing is a roofing contractor operating in Fairfield that has experience in roofing and restoring all of these differing styles of commercial and residential structures.

Services For All Styles

For residential structures we offer several kinds of roofing to include:

We also do residential chimney and stone work, ornamental metal services, roof repair, structural masonry repair and re-facing.

Commercially we offer these roofing services and more:

Fairfield CT roofing ContractorFairfield is home to many kinds of structures in it’s storied neighborhoods. Southport is one of the oldest neighborhoods, settled in 1639 and made a designated historic district in 1962.Nearly all of the historic homes and structures are from the 19th century as the British burned Southport in 1779, and it was rebuilt later. These beautiful historic buildings in this neighborhood are protected and must be repaired and maintained to exacting specifications. A trusted roofing contractor in this Fairfield, CT neighborhood would be knowledgeable in these types of roofing and repairs. A different but also illustrious neighborhood is the Fairfield Beach Area. This has been a popular area as it is close to the Long Island Sound beaches, and also close to downtown Fairfield. It was known in the past as a party neighborhood filled with bars, students, and vacationers.

Recently, however, more permanent and affluent residents have moved in, tearing down the smaller and older beach homes to make room for newer and higher end homes. Many of these are constructed in the “Nantucket” beach style. While they are newer homes, they are made to look like they have that distinctive historic look. The roofs often have the distinct “beach home” look with asphalt or wooden roofs. A roofing contractor in the Fairfield Beach Area neighborhood in CT. can give these homes their special look and maintain them to keep looking this way for years to come. L&M Roofing has the experience to construct and maintain the roofs and other structures of the area to look and perform perfectly.

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