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Serving Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens

Since 1970, we has been installing the best roofs in New York City. The homes that occupy this iconic city range wildly in style, aesthetics, architecture, and attitude. For the last 45 years, we have been a proud member of the wide ranging community and the least we could do is offer only the best roofing services available.

One of the most noticeable features of New York’s homes are the unique and beautiful roofs that adorn them. All of our roofing projects are specifically designed to enhance and compliment the local cultural influences and styles. From colonial style tile and slate to modern asphalt shingle and standing metal seam roofing, we use industry recognized and recommended materials to repair or install your perfect roof. Everything is backed up with a great warranty and guarantee.

We install the the following types of roofing:

No job is too big or too small. We serve single family homes of any size, multi-family units, condominiums, penthouses, apartments, and more. After filling out the form found on this page, we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your options. This is the perfect opportunity for us to show you how hiring L&M Roofing to handle your New York roofing project is a smart choice.

L&M Roofing – a New York City Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

When it comes to quality and long lasting durability, roofing and the materials it is made from are just a piece of the puzzle. We offer a myriad of supporting services to compliment our extensive roofing services.

At L&M Roofing, we pride ourselves by being able to offer not just roofing but instead deliver the whole package, from start to finish.

For instance, here are a few other things we specialize in:

So give us a call! We want to show you what we can do for your New York home or business. L&M Roofing is fully licensed and insured.

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