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L&M Roofing stands above the rest for residential masonry in New York.

Based in Westchester, NY, L&M Roofing is a leading residential masonry contractor offering services including chimney restoration, stone repointing and stonewall repair. Our masonry projects consist of an impressive array of sustainable masonry designs memorable for their quality craftsmanship and architectural relevance.

Throughout the five boroughs – Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island – L&M Roofing offers superior residential masonry work in New York. Don’t worry though, our services extend as far as Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

One of the ways that L&M Roofing is able to exceed in residential masonry work in New York is to ensure that only the highest quality building materials are used. Whether the project calls for brick, stone, or concrete, there are various guarantees attached to the work and the building materials. The theory that you can only make something as good as the materials you use to make it is especially true in masonry work. If you use shoddy materials then the building, or structure, is not going to be as structurally sound as if you had used a higher quality material. The higher the quality the material, the better it will be able to perform, and the longer it will last.


Our team can provide the proper solution to your chimney, being able to correct any deficiencies or to rebuild if necessary.

We at L&M Roofing specialize in using these different types of masonry work in residential masonry work in New York in the following applications:

  • Chimney rebuilding and repairing
  • Chimney flashing
  • Brick Pointing
  • Home restoration services

One of the downsides of Masonry Work is that it will all need repairing or refinishing at some point. One of the spots that you should pay particular attention to is your chimney. They are especially susceptible to water damage and temperature extremes due to their location. You should have your chimney inspected for mortar damage regularly and quickly address any damage that might be found.

Chimney rebuilding and repairing, and chimney flashing require a very skilled mason. During your search for residential masonry work in New York you should make sure to keep in mind that someone with years of experience is more likely to have the skill set that you require, and to do quality work.

The hardest part of chimney repair is often assessing just how much damage there is. How much erosion is there and how much should be taken out while avoiding causing extra mortar of brick damage? The next step is removing mortar joints, and determining the composition of the existing mortar. The new mortar should be as close to the original mortar composition as is possible. Next is applying the mortar, and then applying a sealant.

  • Chimney Rebuild
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Chimney Flashing


Selecting the stone pattern that best enhances the exterior or interior of your home takes time. Our team will help you with the section providing our clients with field samples prior to placing the stones. Selecting the proper blends can make the difference.

There are different types and styles of masonry work, all of which are great options for residential masonry work in New York, but the most common types are:

  • brick
  • concrete blocks
  • stonework

Brick work is made of bricks laid into rows known as a course. The pattern of headers and stretchers can be manipulated to create different bonds. Bonds can differ in strength and insulating ability, offering many different combinations and options.

Concrete blocks also known as Concrete Masonry Units (CMU’s) are much larger than ordinary bricks and so far fewer are needed and can be laid in a much smaller time span than using brick for a structure of the same size. Another added advantage is that they can be filled with concrete to increase their structural stability.

Stonework is a style of masonry which utilizes either natural stone, or manufactured stone to be laid into courses and built into a structure.

  • Stone repointing
  • New stone veneers
  • Stone walls
When considering residential masonry work in New York you should know up front if you are looking for brick, or stone work. Stone work takes a degree of talent that is different from brick due to the irregularly shaped stones. Yes, there are stone veneers and even manufactured stones which make it easier to get the look you are going for, but there is just something to be said for the look achieved when natural stone is used.

While brick work is beautiful, and in the hands of a master mason can be turned into something truly spectacular, stonework has a certain appeal that brick masonry is hard pressed to match. There are limitless possibilities when someone who is skilled and creative is given excellent material and challenged to create something amazing.

No matter what your residential masonry needs are, we at L&M Roofing want to encourage you to fill out the Contact form that can be found on this page, and we can discuss how best we can help you.

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