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Our residential metal roof, gutter and flashing services includes metal roof repair,
Ornamental metal design/installation and gutter installation. Utilizing our own custom metal shop, we can ensure a perfect fit of any of your metal needs.


At L&M Roofing, we understand the elements and reasoning of a well-working gutter and leader system,. Therefore, put your trust in a company that not only installs gutters and leaders but one that actually knows and follows the correct reasoning for proper installation.

  • Aluminum gutters and leaders
  • Copper half round gutters
  • Copper built in gutters
  • Yankee gutters
  • Seamless gutters
  • Custom design gutters


Flashing exterior wall cavity with moisture barriers and metal flashing can prevent unwanted moisture damage to your home or building. It is a detail used to seal and protect roof and building intersecting joints from water penetration.


  • Ornamental metal
  • Metal cornices and cupolas
  • Historic restoration
  • Custom metal siding
  • Custom zinc panel system
  • Copper roofs
  • Zinc roofs
  • Radius metal roofs
  • Seamless metal roofs
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