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L&M Roofing is a premier Bronx roofing company dedicated to providing the highest quality residential roofing services.

L&M Roofing Is A Trusted And Professional Bronx Roofing Company Committed To Providing The Very Best Residential Roofing Services Available.

Since 1970 L&M Roofing has been a premier roofing company choice in Connecticut and New York. For over 45 years we have been providing unparalleled high quality roofing in New York City to include the Bronx. If your residence needs a new roof you want to be sure that you make the right choice for a Bronx roofing company.

L&M Roofing has a team of experienced roofing professionals ready to tackle any roofing job in the Bronx with our high quality care. From the initial quote to the finished roof, we handle the entire process-we never use subcontractors. Our project managers guarantee high standards of safety, tidiness, and quality on the job. We maintain constant contact with our clients so they always know the status of their roof. What’s more, L&M Roofing is a roofing company in the Bronx that will meet and often exceed all building codes, standards and insurance requirements.

All of our roofing jobs are extensively warrantied for each material type and are constructed to last a century. That is a commitment you can trust from our dedicated Bronx roofing company. We offer many types of roofing materials for your residence such as:

  • Asphalt
  • Cedar
  • Metal
  • Slate and Tile
  • Synthetic Slate

With many choices in material and colors, your new roof in the Bronx will look beautiful and be long-lasting!

Asphalt Shingle Roofing For Your Bronx Home

Depending on the size and slope of your roof, prices for a new roof system can vary dramatically between different materials. Asphalt shingles offer style, protection and an affordable price. We use two high quality brands of asphalt shingles, GAF and IKO. Both brands offer the traditional 3-tab roofing shingles, the most economical (but still quality!) option. The GAF Collection also includes:

  • Timberline Lifetime Architectural Roofing Shingles – these will give you a natural “wood-shake” look with a lifetime warranty
  • Specialty Lifetime Roofing Shingles – also have a “wood-shake” look, but with impact resistance and energy saving features, also includes the lifetime warranty
  • Designer Lifetime Roofing Shingles – collection of shingles in a variety of styles and features and the lifetime warranty

The IKO Collection includes:

  • Premium Designer Roofing Shingles – includes asphalt shingles that have the look of slate tiles or cedar shakes, with great weather protection.
  • Architectural Roofing Shingles – offer superior weather protection in a wide variety of colors and styles

Not only are asphalt roofing systems economical and available in many styles and colors, they are also easy to install and can be done fairly quickly. If this is the best choice for you, let us be your Bronx roofing company for a beautiful new asphalt roof!

Cedar Roofing For Your Bronx Home

Cedar roofing is such a classic roofing choice. Cedar has been used for centuries as a roofing material and for good reason! Cedar shingles are:

  • Long-lasting-can last 50+ years if cared for!
  • Humidity and moisture resistant
  • Insect resistant
  • Natural insulator-can reduce energy costs
  • And more…..

With a little maintenance, a properly installed cedar shake roof is very durable and long-lasting. If you can keep mold and mildew at bay with treatments, and also keep up with fire-resistance treatments, you will have a gorgeous roof that ages beautifully with your home. Bronx winters can be cold and wet, summers can be hot and humid… a cedar roof can weather all of it for decades and look good every day.

Cedar roofs are more costly than asphalt roofs, but their durability and low maintenance is worth it. A cedar shake roof can even raise the value of your home due to their quality and coveted look. A cedar roof does require a professional installation. L&M Roofing, your trusted Bronx roofing company, has over 45 years of cedar roofing experience. If cedar shingles are the look your want for your home, we are your choice.

Metal Roofing For Your Bronx Home

For the Bronx, a metal roof is an ideal and attractive roofing choice. Benefits of a metal roof include:

  • Extremely durable
  • All-weather resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Options include colors, textures and finishes

A metal roof in the Bronx can last the entire lifetime of the structure. It will not deteriorate or rot, it is fire resistant and impervious to winds and water when properly installed. Metal roofing will reflect heat from the sun so your cooling costs are reduced. It is a lightweight material, so it’s easy on your home’s structure. Metal roofing is also very attractive, it can come in a variety of colors and finisher to complement your home. For a truly stunning look, consider a copper roof. Copper roofs have all of the benefits of other metal roofing and is also very aesthetically pleasing. It will age to a beautiful patina for a classic look on all kinds of homes.

Metal roofs are nearly hassle-free. You can hose them off if they are soiled, but otherwise you have no upkeep to do on them. As your trusted Bronx roofing company, we are qualified to professionally install metal roofing systems. Our skilled team will have your home protected under a superior metal roof using Tamco and Fabral brand materials. Metal roofs are not inexpensive, but the investment will be more than worth the cost. Our Bronx roofing company can give you a quote for a metal roof on your home if you decide that a quality metal roof is for you.

Slate And Tile Roofing For Your Bronx Home

Slate and tile roofing systems are the longest lasting choices for roofing. They are all natural materials as well! A well maintained tile roof can last 100+ years and a slate roof even longer at 150+ years. Both are truly exceptional investments for your home. If you choose a slate or tile option you will want a Bronx roofing company who can professionally and competently install these roofing systems, as they are not inexpensive you will want the job done right. Slate and tile roofing is heavy, so you will need a professional to assess if your home can withstand it, and if your roof needs extra support, our Bronx roofing company can install the extra support.

The up front cost of slate and tile roofing systems is high, but the benefits are outstanding. Not only are they the most durable options, both are completely fire-resistant, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. Both have stood the test of time, being used for centuries on roofs all over the world. And of course, both are absolutely beautiful choices for historic homes as well as on modern designs. They will never go out of style. Slate roofing comes in many colors such as gray, green, purple, black and red as well as varying thicknesses. Clay tiles come in different shapes and styles and can have varying glazes for added interest. L&M Roofing has been a Bronx roofing company installing these slate and tile roofing systems for over 45 years, so if this type of roof is for you, protect your investment by having it installed by the best!

Synthetic Slate Roofing For Your Bronx Home

If you are in love with the look of a slate tile roof but it’s just not in your budget, a really good (maybe even better?) alternative is synthetic slate. Synthetic slates are made from rubber and plastic. Some brands are made of recycled material, so from virgin materials, but all are recyclable. To the eye, synthetic slate is indistinguishable from the real thing as far as aesthetics go. They come in the same natural looking colors, and since they are made from casts of real slate tiles, they are the same thickness and texture as real slate. What’s different? Well, they won’t ever crack like a real slate tile can. And because they are made of rubber and plastic they are considerably lighter than real slate. A roof will not need extra structural support for a synthetic slate installation. The synthetic slate is UV, weather, and fire resistant. They will not mold or mildew or rot.

While they are more expensive than some traditional roofing material, they are considerably less costly than real slate roofing, so you are getting all of the benefits of slate (and more!) for a lower overall cost. This is a modern material that may be even better than the real thing. Our Bronx roofing company can expertly install the synthetic slate roofing system so that your home will be protected for decades to come…like real slate, synthetic slate can last over a century with very little maintenance. We are a roofing company in the Bronx that has experience in selling and installing all kinds of roofing materials, including synthetic slate, for over 45 years. We will ensure your new synthetic slate roof is installed to last a lifetime and will have a “natural” looking beauty to it for just as long. We want to be your choice for a Bronx roofing company so give us a call and let us know if synthetic slate might be for you!

For A Premier Bronx Roofing Company, Choose L&M Roofing

When you have decided you want or need new roofing, or if you want to discuss what kind of roofing system will be best for you, your budget, and your home, we are the smart and trusted choice for your Bronx roofing company. With over 45 years serving New York and Connecticut homeowners, we have the experience and expertise to install the perfect roof for you!

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