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What to do when your roofing is in need of repair due to damage from a bullet hole.

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There are many things that can cause significant damage to your roof (fallen trees and branches, hail damage, etc.) but a stray bullet can cause quite a bit of damage in an instant! The thing about guns is when they are improperly used by a new or inexperienced owner, accidents can happen. This kind of thing can be caused by an unknown perpetrator a few miles away who foolishly fired into the air, leaving you with the evidence buried in your roofing, evidence which can leave your roof in desperate need of repair. However, such incidents can also be self-initiated. Perhaps you were cleaning your gun, or maybe you thought it was empty and pulled the trigger while you were in the house. And Bang! Suddenly there’s a hole in your ceiling that wasn’t there before!

How to fix bullet hole damage in your roofTake a deep breath and make sure everybody in and around our home is okay. Accidents happen, which is why it is so important to learn and practice gun safety so you can do everything in your power to prevent these kinds of accidents before they happen. Though, the truth is, sometimes these accidents do happen and then you need to know how to deal with the consequences, be it legally and/or ethically. So, even while your nerves are still jarred from the incident, and you’re finding out that sometimes firing a gun isn’t so fun, it’s time to start figuring out how to fix the problem!

How to repair the roofing damage from a bullet hole

The first thing you need to know is that while it may be too late for your roof, it is never too late for you to invest in proper and professional gun safety training. It is one thing to have a “whoops” moment with a firearm when it can wind up being an amusing anecdote later on, and quite another to keep pressing your luck with your safety and the safety of those around you when you handle a gun improperly. So you should definitely consider getting the proper training and taking special care to always follow gun safety rules in the future.

But what about that bullet in your roof?

Well, there’s only one thing you can do, fix up the damage! To repair this hole, you will need to properly patch up the problem to ensure that you don’t wind up with a damaging leak the next time a storm rolls around!

If you have a tile roof, patching is relatively simple. You can repair the damage with plastic roofing cement, leaving the tile practically as good as new! However, if the tile is cracked or broken, you will need to take further measures and replace the damaged tile. To do so, you must pry up the old tile and nails. Afterwards, apply the adhesive roofing cement to the bottom of the new tile and press it snugly in place.

For a shingle roof, you will need to remove the damaged shingles and make a ply-wood patch to fill the hole. To fix the shingles, you will need to cover the area with tar paper and install the new shingles. If done correctly, you shouldn’t even be able to tell where it was patched!

As for interior holes, while less potentially damaging to your home, holes from a bullet in your ceiling could prove a bit embarrassing when guests come to visit. To fix small holes in drywall all you need is spackling and a drywall knife. However, in the case of larger holes, you may need to patch the damaged area with a plastic mesh patch before spackling. Unfortunately, if the damaged area is larger than a foot, you may have to replace the entire drywall sheet.

While the focus of this post is on bullet hole damage repair, these solutions also apply to hail damage, damage caused by falling trees and branches, or anything else that results in puncture-type damage.

Good luck patching and try to be more careful next time!

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